Friday, May 8, 2015

Cambodia pop rock revival

My interest in rickshaws or cyclo extends beyond a fascination with the machine itself. It's not just about the lifestyle of the rickshaw wallah either. I suppose my deepest interest is in the idea that we can live more simply cooperatively and happily than the modern consumer resource hungry world offers.
I find myself constantly rebelling at the homogenization of our society and love to see other cultures forcing their way into the mainstream. A couple of years ago I met Julien and Channthy of the awesome band Cambodian Space  Project CSP. There is so much I love about this band that I can't type on my phone as I sit here in the blood bank (with daytime TV blaring in the background).

CSP Are the merging of past, present and future, funk, rock pop tradition and culture. 
Please check out some of their stuff online. You will be amazed and entertained!
Their current show in Sydney includes a cosmic funkadelic golden galactic cyclo! Proving that futuristic space travelers know how to travel in style!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Bakpao vendor Bali

While in Bali last week I saw several tricycle vendors.

Here's one of interest. The Bakpao cart.


Bakpao vendor on Legian beach during Melasti ceremony March 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Time for a re-build

The Long bike is due for a major overhaul again, this time I don't know if I can save the frame.

The problem is that the thread in the frame where the bottom bracket screws in must be stripped. The bottom bracket has all but broken free of the frame but I cannot unscrew it.

I've looked around for a second hand replacement frame but haven't been able to find any suitable donor bikes. Mountain bikes these days seem to all come with suspension on the front, I need more rigidity.  If I can't re-tap the thread for the bottom bracket, I am really going to need a suitable steel frame with rigid forks to transfer the Xtracycle onto. I never thought they would have become so hard to find.

I don't intend to start this fix until about April or May when the weather improves but I sure hope I find a solution before then. I doubt I'll be satisfied with another frame so I'm starting to think I aught to ask around at some engineering places to see if it's possible to insert a sleeve and re-tap the thread.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Wooden cargo trike

Last week we visited Werribee zoo and saw this really interesting cargo trike.
I have no idea where it was made but it seems quite sturdy.

The frame is sculpted plywood with steel inserts for the dropouts, bottom bracket and various other moving parts.

 The Storage space in front is a plastic drum

Check the interesting location of gear selector.