Monday, April 16, 2007

Busy. Madurai

Busy. Madurai, originally uploaded by entrelec.

Although the work is manual and appears to be quite grueling. This photo by Joel 'etrelec' shows the capacity for velo-trucks, or cycle utility vehicles or whatever you want to call them, to increase mobility in areas of dense population. The photo was taken in a vegetable market in Madurai about a year ago. Joel is a great portrait photographer who's photographs are uplifting and quite candid. Looking at his collections is like taking an anthropological journey through the countries he has visited.


joel dousset said...

Hi David and are right about the velo using in These countries.
We can hardly imagine how much it is hard to pedal on them...

gs said...

it is unimaginable.the extent to which the bicycle is used in rural areas in may call it villager's ingenuity.