Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rickshaw Pullers documentary

I recently came across the blog Jan Madhyam Productions which appears to be the outlet for a group of committed documentary makers from India who are based in New Delhi. There is a documentary film called, Unheard Voices: The Rickshaw Pullers of Mussoori

The organization has a very interesting profile and appear to be producing documentary films that challenge the liberties taken by the rich and powerful, for those of us who live in developed countries who enjoy the privileged life of exes I think that means us too!

All I know about the documentary is what I read on the blog but it looks like it questions deeply, the moral conundrum of low paid manual labor which so obviously places one person above another.


gs said...

david, it is sad but true.the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer.we are experiencing an economic boom and a growth of 9% gdp with the finance minister aiming for 10% next year.the middleclass is obviously a great beneficiary.but below that it is bad.many,both in urban and rural areas,live in subhuman conditions.we are also depleting our natural resources fast to improve our standard of living.those who are stuck below the poverty line are in quicksand.

David J said...

Yes! This is so true!
We need to think more about creating sustainable living conditions for all rather than allowing the big wheels to keep on rolling over so many others.