Monday, November 17, 2008

Neglected blog but not forgotten

Hi to those readers who have actually been visiting this rickshaw blogspace...
I must apologize for neglecting this space for so long!
I was surprised to discover that the blog continued to receive visits for such a long time after my last post. I hadn't set it up to notify me if messages were left and so now I find myself reading interesting remarks long after they were left. So tardy I hadn't even looked at the blog for several months!

Anyway. The interest this blog has attracted has prompted me to attempt to continue with the project and catch up on some rickshaw stories and thoughts I've been having in the year or more since my last post.

I have had several conversations with people from all walks of life about the potential of pedicab, rickshaw, becak or whatever the human powered vehicle is called in your area.
There have been some interesting developments in the design of solar powered and electric assist rickshaws and regulations related to pedicabs appear to be becoming stricter. Meanwhile the issues of traffic congestion, global warming and fuel prices have public opinion about the validity of human powered transport swinging to extremes with all the force of a giant pendulum.

Let's see if we can get this thing up and moving once again. Comments are very welcome and discussion is encouraged.


gs said...

hi david j
nice to see you back.i have a few stories on rickshaws.a frenchman studying their living conditions in bihar.have you read about it?

David J said...

Oh wow I discovered your comment after having just read and commented on your blog! I don't think I've linked my blog to my email properly so wasn't notified of this comment. Thanks for letting me know.