Thursday, December 4, 2008

Food Cart Malaysia 1975

p20081126_233319.jpg, originally uploaded by augatti.

This photo was taken in Alor Setar, Malaysia in 1975 by the husband of one of my flickr friends. I am told he used a Canon F1 35mm SLR with a Canon 105mm lens and Kodak Tri-X film. Tom used to do his own processing back then and I think he has excelled with this picture.

According to my flickr friend Augati
"The rickshaw here was a three-wheeled self-propelled hawker stall. It was mid-morning and the rickshaw was parked outside a coffee shop from which it most likely operated."

Mobile hawker stalls, also known by various other names like 'Kaki-lima' (five feet) are still common in many parts of Indonesia and Malaysia. I think they're great. Some people think that the USA invented fast food but these guys take the cake... to you... literally!
The best food I've eaten in Indonesia came from the back of one of these food carts.

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