Monday, October 9, 2017

Singapore 2017

Back to this much neglected blog...

Well I don't have anything particularly profound or ground breaking to share. The world seems to be moving along quite happily without transitioning to renewable energy or awakening to the virtues of pedal powered transport.... Well as far as Australia is concerned anyway.

However I was recently in Singapore, where, although there appears to be a similar decline in the use of bicycles as a serious transport option, they do at least have some remnant machines worth taking a few photos of. 

So basically here is a collection of photos I took of remnant rickshaws and utility tricycles I happened to see while I was there.

Service trike. There are several around town they collect rubbish

Cargo Trike - Old but still being used by a gleaner collecting recyclable bottles

Rickshaw - On display at the food court near the monorail station to Sentosa Island

Extra long cargo trike - Huge potential as a hearse @ Sentosa Island

Uncles Trishaws in Little India

Cargo Trike - Not sure what it's being used for, possibly a vendor

Uncle's Trishaw - parked

Trishaw parking bay

Utility Trike - fairly new looking in good condition

Tricycle rubbish collector

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