Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ice cream Bike

OK it's not a bike it's a Trike. Cargo Bike.
Not sure what the quality of the machine is like yet and I may be in for some disappointment but I've decided to take a plunge and put myself in debt for the sake of following a dream... of sorts... Well actually this wasn't really 'The Dream' but a bit of a patchwork of various dreams, or frankly, schemes I'd had in the distant past. Chance threw something my way, I'm not sure it was a great deal but I couldn't bear the thought if balking at yet another opportunity so I decided to jump in! (Like the frogs on the rock who decided to jump into the pond, I haven't actually jumped yet)

Introducing ICE CREAM BIKE!

Special project x

Project in process... Stay tuned for more.

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