Friday, February 10, 2012

Cargo fleet

Oh I have neglected this site terribly! I am so sorry guys but I have ignored the criteria for my own blog. I've focused on Rickshaws and pedicabs and forgotten completely to talk about cargo bikes.

Well I don't actually have the time or feel inspired to do that right now but I thought I'd at least post a couple of photos of my two amazing cargo bikes, which I have come to depend upon for carting all kinds of stuff, while usually transporting my kids at the same time!

Firstly I'd like to introduce you to the Xtracycle.
This has been my primary mode of transport since 2008... I think...

Xtracycle fitted

dumpster bike...

She can carry a load!

THE CARGOBIKE (In Ice-cream bike mode)

Ice-cream bike with petrol assist
Cargobike as she was when I purchased her

Cargobike in family transport mode

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