Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Allie is about to embark on day four of his journey. This is a journey that will require immense physical and psychological strength and endurance. I wonder if the unnatural strain that pulling a rickshaw must put on the shoulders could lead to thoracic problems . I have bad shoulders and would fear doing permanent damage if I attempted anything like this. I hope Allies muscles are in good shape for the extra strain he will be enduring. However, acting out of gratitude to his community, Allie appears to be on a kind of spiritual mission that might just succeed despite the odds.

Allie at Oceanside prior to departure
(Photo courtesy of Shangra-la)

North Country Times
Oceanside man plans to pull rickshaw from Oceanside to Vegas

On day one Allie left Oceanside he is now somewhere near a place called Temecula.

If you're curious about why Allie would want to do this please read his Press Release

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