Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Trishaw Stories

I've been talking to a friend at work who comes from a village near Penang in Malaysia. She recalls the days when trishaws were the most affordable mode of transport in her village and trishaw riders were respected in the community. I guess it's a combination of stories like these and the rapid disappearance of trishaws as a viable commuter vehicle that has spurred me on to create this blog. I hope, if I can find the time, to gather as much information as I can from people who have similar experiences so I can maybe present in some way a view of the world that might soon be lost from our collective memory. I suppose the blog is a way of expressing some of this publicly in the hope that others might ponder the same questions as me.
If I can get my act together I'd like to publish a little of my friends story about her childhood memories of trishaws, her village and the changes that have taken place over the past 30 odd years.

Allie's Progress

It seems that Allie is finding a few bumps in the road. The brief description of his experience on day seven of his journey gives a pretty clear impression of the loneliness that can be found on the road. I think traveling away from home can bring some challenging and threatening experiences particularly if you don't blend into the crowd(I don't recall seeing too many hand pulled rickshaws in Palm Springs when I was there). It must be a bit of an Odyssey for Allie right now, never knowing what kind of reception he may receive. A bit like the Samaritan in the bible, he might be finding people suspicious and distrusting. A good reminder of how important it is to have a caring community around you. Keep up the leg work Allie I think you'll gain from this something most of us never get to experience. Be safe. Peace!

A great photo of a hand pulled rickshaw in Kyoto Japan. Click Here.

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