Saturday, February 17, 2007


I've just discovered a new blog that appears to be devoted to the cause of increasing the 'Peddle Powered Urban Transport System'. (Hey I think I've just invented a phrase, don't know about the acronym though P.P.U.T.S)
The blog is called Vert-i-go and seems to center around the transport situation in the Authors town of Sheffield England. It seems to be quite well constructed. The theme is definitely one of peddle power advocacy and it provides some passionate arguments for the increase of human powered transport.

Check it out : Vert-i-go

(Well comparatively emission free, it will depend on what you had for breakfast. ha...ha..)

My apologies Vert-i-go for stealing your quot but I liked it too much.
“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.” H.G. Wells
(Isn't That cool!)

My work, shops and most other places I need to travel are well within riding distance from my home. I try to cycle as much as possible but have a young family who aren't always able to ride. Solution - get hold of a rickshaw and peddle them as often as I can! I expect to receive much protest from my wife and other road users but isn't it a cool concept? Unless I can find a fully enclosed air conditioned rickshaw that doesn't allow anyone to see in. I doubt I could coax my wife to go along with my little scheme. Imagine how much quieter and safer the road would be if everyone took a rickshaw for journeys less than 10 km.

Oh I almost forgot there's a video of Allie the American Rickshaw-wallah on the North County Times website. Check it out Here.
Listening to the interview I can't help thinking that Allie has taken his Shangra-La logo to heart and is bringing a little taste of Utopia to the people he passes along the way.


gs said...

hello david
did you read the article on kolkata rickshawallahs in the latest issue of the 'economist'?

David J said...

I'm not sure. I've posted a link to the Colonial Yoke story that was in the economist but wasn't aware of any other stories.
I'll check it out. It's an incredible paradoxical situation the world is in. Where we are challenged to consider that the civilized approach might actually be to down size our industrial ambition in order to allow people to survive in the modern world.

Ian said...

Hey good blog...vert-i-go has great plans, the author is a friend of mine....

We need to spread the word eh? How did you get involved in this stuff?

Nick said...

Hi David,

You have many wise wise words on your blog, so I'm honoured by your reference to vert-i-go.. I love that H.G Wells quote too, and don't mind sharing.. I'd like to quote you personally on my blog, if you don't mind?! You said;
“Coming from my western perspective, living in an age of global warming and unprecedented environmental destruction, I see the rickshaw as a symbol of the way I'd prefer the world, slower, quieter, and more friendly.”


David J said...

Hey Ian,
Don't know that I'm involved in anything I just get a good feeling when I think of taking any kind of action that is a little kinder to the world. It may be a Utopian dream but surely it's OK to live with your head in the clouds if your feet a still on the ground.
I'm sure we can improve the quality of life in urban and city environments if we are prepared to change what we do while it is still a matter of choice.

David J said...

Hi Nic,
H.G. Wells makes for some very nice quotes. Wise words indeed. Thanks.
Yeh you can print that stuff If you want.