Saturday, February 3, 2007

Welcome to my Rickshaw Blog.
The objective of this blog is to bring together a lot of the stuff that comes to mind things I have discovered about the fate and future of human powered transportation. I will be scanning the internet for articles related to the plight of rickshaw pullers or riders in developing Asian countries as well as any points of interest from elsewhere on the planet. I also hope to be posting examples of the successful use of bicycle transport and the positive effect this has had on communities.
I suggest that rather than demoralize the rickshaw puller or cyclists this occupation elevates them spiritually, physically and creates business opportunities that they otherwise would not have had.

In many places today rickshaws are seen as an inconvenient obstruction to traffic and detract from the impression of modernity that so many cities are chasing. I find it ironic that in this time of global warming and congested city streets that peddle power is not seen as the modern progressive mode of transport in our cities of the future.

If you share my enthusiasm for the humble rickshaw or have any rickshaw stories that might appeal please post your comment on this blog.

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